Welcome to RS homeopathy

Welcome to RS homeopathy

Welcome to RS homeopathyWelcome to RS homeopathyWelcome to RS homeopathy

What We Do


Homeopathy is a holistic treatment. This means that I take into account all the things that you need help with whether they seem connected or not. It is also very individualised and so the emphasis is on how your symptoms, feelings or complaints are experienced by you. I will take time to talk with you about what you need and the opportunity to speak in depth about yourself can be very therapeutic : it often enables people to understand themselves and their illness in a new way.


Homeopathic medicines are mostly made from either plant, animal or mineral sources, exactly as they are found in nature. The dilutions mean that they are not toxic and do not interfere with other treatments. Doses are short term and by stimulating the body's own natural capacity to heal, equilibrium can be gently restored, the immune system can begin to recover and a gradual and permanent return to good health encouraged. 

Your Health & Well-being

Homeopathy is designed to help people with physical, emotional or psychological concerns. You may have been given a medical diagnosis or simply feel and know in yourself that your energy, mood or body isn't as well as it should be. Homeopathy gives us the opportunity to explore the areas you need help with, come to understand the cause and find a natural medicine that stimulates your recovery and sense of well-being.


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About Me


In 1992 my GP referred me to a homeopath - a recurring and persistent abscess and gumboil had not cleared even after three courses of increasingly stronger antibiotics. The homeopath gave me two tiny tablets. As soon as I took the second one I could feel a slight fizzing in the gum and within days it had cleared completely and never returned. I was amazed and thrilled and have been fascinated ever since. Homeopathy has since helped me with such things as cystitis, post-surgical healing, menopausal symptoms, colitis, headaches, coughs, colds, inflammation and pain.


I began my training in Wolverhampton in 2004, have studied continuously since then and graduated from the North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester in 2018. I am a member - and work to the professional ethics - of the Society of Homeopaths. Homeopathy enables me to combine my awe and respect for the power and beauty of nature with a fascination for the complexity and changeability of the human condition.


Integrity, confidentiality, respect and collaboration all play a major part of the therapeutic relationships that I form with the people I work with. My role is to understand and respond to their health concerns and priorities so that homeopathy can help them achieve gentle, effective and permanent recovery.


Information & Appointments..............

I have regular clinics at Oswestry Herbarium, the Time For You Therapy Centre in Oswestry and Pretty Vintage Holistics in St Martins. I charge £20 for a half hour, £40 for an hour or £60 for up to 2 hours if you would like an extended first meeting.

The cost of remedies is included in the consultation fee. You can also call me for a chat about what treatment entails and to help you decide whether I am the right homeopath for you.

Rachael Sharpe Homeopathy

The Herbarium, Oswestry, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom

call 07423 303 943 or email rshomeopathy@gmail.com

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